Ola Hejazi

“It is very fascinating to me how we all came from one pair of parents. Adam & Eve, their story and infinite love that lasts until today, is the reason we are all here.”

Abstract in form, deep in spirit. Ola Hejazi has set out, and succeeded, with infusing her spirit through visual expression, while paying homage to the Mother and Father of Mankind; “my paintings represent a reflection of my spirit at that moment.” And what does the seasoned and celebrated artist feel at this moment? Unity, love and brilliant colors that depict strong emotions between man and woman.

Exclusively available at Ather gallery, most of Ola’s collections, the 2008 collection especially, features consistent usage of primary colors. Ola’s choice for primary colors in depicting the relationship between man and woman are in an interesting pick, since primary colors are the foundation colors used to create new colors, and parallel with the intrinsic value of her subjects Adam and Eve, the foundation of all mankind. Such color choices evoke the innate synergy between her subjects, “red represents passion and warmth representing Eve’s internal subtlety; whereas, Adam, painted in gold, depicts his value as a man in being able to shelter his other half.

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