The image was shot with a Nikon SLR 35mm camera.Transparency film (slide film) was used. The shutter used if I remember correctly was 60th of second, and the aperturewas f11.

Two lights were used one overhead soft box and the second was a directional light for the background. Foodphotography is difficult so the lighting used depends on the various components of the set-up. The number of lightsused depends on the various elements that you are trying tohighlight. The set-up could be simple or very complicated. Itall depends on what you and the client decide on. It is timeconsuming because the food needs to be fresh or in thecase of ice cream or anything that melts easily you couldhave the option of having models made. Keep in mind thatyou will need more than one batch of the fresh food readyfor the shots if not more to achieve good results.

A chef and stylist should assist if it is food that needs to be prepared. Thepresentation is very important for the visual appeal to beenticing. Good lighting, presentation, the photography styleand angle all make the final image a success. It is definitely a team effort.

If a food stylist cannot be present then the chef, the client and the photographer need to agree on thefinal result that is being sought after.

There are shots such asthe peppers where you as the photographer are the onlyone in charge with no other help required. The backgroundused for the pepper was maroon in color. What you use asa background depends on your taste and the ultimateeffect you are looking for. If the shoot is for a client you willhave limitations imposed on you especially if the shot is foradvertising. The layout of the shot and the colors used forthe advert will impose the colors you can use and the samelogic applies to the color and style of the platter(s) used.

This is something you can determine once you look at the brief and discuss it with the ad company or the direct clientyou are working with.

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