Salem Bajunaid

Jido Salem Bajunaid , as he is known to many oozes character, wisdom, passion, and tradition. A renowned artist in the region, Salem Bajunaid is not only a public figure and an inspiration to many of today’s youth in the region. He is also known for his Islamic Calligraphic artwork which is displayed in various mosques in Jeddah. Once upon a time his intense passion lay strongly in the art of logo’s prior to discovering the world of calligraphy. Salem believes the art and power of the logo is the first representation of the company which either makes it or breaks it. Logo’s remain a priority and he has been in the business for over — number of years. “Beauty of the logo comes when you can control the line- it is not generic. The beauty of the line of the logo happens without the pen leaving the paper”

He was only recently inspired by Calligraphy at a much later stage in life- Salem considers it an inspiration from Allah where the calligraphy that comes from within him is a representation of the Quran with its meanings. Calligraphy is about cursive, long horizontal strokes, long verticals and bold, compact circles, and Salem’s calligraphy is an abundance of ornamental marks. His work is full of great strokes which have a dynamic effect on the artwork in general.

“I never believe I have achieved anything. It is Allah’s work through me,” says Jido Salem. He is also very happy if not relieved that calligraphy on a whole has come back to the Arabs, and they once again are the Protectors of the Magnificence of the Holy Quran.

Islamic Calligraphy also known as Arabic Calligraphy certainly is the art of writing. It originally also was the primary means of preserving the Holy Quran, and is very much revered among Islamic Art today.

In Salem’s world of calligraphy, technically, his sketching takes no more than a couple of hours since they are Allah’s inspiration. However, some of his work takes months to gain balance.

Another well-deserved merit is the fact that Salem Bajunaid gifted a piece of his artwork to HRH King Hussain of Morocco, and people have expressed extreme uneasiness in finding another gift to exceed its beauty.

Salem was also asked to design the calligraphy on the Holy Kaaba. He will also shortly start a foundation called Moassaset Al Khat Al Arabeeyah.

What instruments does he use for his calligraphy? Qalam made of dried reed or bamboo?

2 artworks to be attached-

Approximately 10 years old. Calligraphy of the Kaabah-

2 artwork talking about Al Yusur wa Al 3asr- they are equal and are balanced in life- Allah being in the middle and being the heart of it.

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