SARAH’s Bags

Ever wanted to make a living and make a difference at the same time? Sarah Beydounis a Lebanese designer who managed tointertwine business with humanity.

Her innovative idea came about when shewas doing her Master’s thesis on womenprisoners and the stigma they would haveto face after leaving prison.

She wanted to help make the transition back to societyeasier for these women. She also realizedthat they may have a hard time finding jobsafter their release, so she decided to createa rehabilitation program. Not letting go ofher love for fashion, the program managedto bring her idea to life by combiningfashion with the ability to help. It consistedof having the inmates help sew and makethese fashionable bags, which in turn helpedrestore their pride and enabled them withvaluable skills they could use to generateincome. The collaboration was a successand that’s how the collection of Sarah’s bagsbegan. Her collection consists of stylishly upto date handbags as well as clutches andevening bags.

Each piece is hand crafted and therefore unique in terms of look and alsoof the story it carries.

Sarah started with a small store in Lebanon and eventually movedinto a bigger location near downtown Beirut.People everywhere are carrying her bagsand want not only to be a part of fashionbut to also help support her cause. Herbags can now be found in many parts of theworld, such as the US, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt,Morocco, Ghana, Sierraleone and right herein Saudi Arabia ( Chamel plaza in Jeddah,Mimosa in Khobar).

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