Stressful Fashion

Who doesn’t like to be up to date with the trendiest styles and fashion? We all want to look good in public, right? But how far would you go to impress others with your looks? Would you give up your physical comfort over looking fab? When we copy the latest world fashion trends, we tend to disable our own creativity even though we are not aware of it. A person usually dresses into what expresses their personality and character. Yet many people go ahead and copy the latest fashion regardless if it’s their style or not and whether it even suits them or not. What’s even more interesting is following the fashion trends especially in wedding occasions for females.

How many of you go out and buy a new dress for every wedding. Spend hours at home or the salon preparing your make up, hair, false lashes and nails? Stress about what shoes and jewelry to wear and the matching clutch? And for what? Because that’s the way it’s done here.

Picture this. A woman walking into a room with her bling bling, her hair all styled up, make up in place. But then something is funny about the way she walks. She is focusing hard to keep her balance because the tip of the 20” heel is almost as thin as a pencil. She keeps a smile on her face but she’s actually struggling to breathe or sit comfortably because of the tight clothes she has on. Being a size 12 and squeezing into a size 8 may give you that “wow” look on the outside, but on the inside it’s not a “wow feeling”. Is it really worth it?

Now picture another image. A handsome young man walks into the room. He catches your attention with that clean crisp white thobe, the perfect black shoes, the shiny DuPont pen in his pocket. He sits down next to you whether it was for a meeting, a cup of coffee or to see the “3aroosa”… next thing you know he’s “got the moves like Robot”… did I forget to mention the cobra-like ghotra on his head? He’s having a hard time turning his head in ease to the right or left to avoid ruining the perfectly placed ghotra. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing. Okay maybe I am. But it’s one of those things that give me a hard time keeping a straight face when I see a man in front of me not being able to move normally because his ghotra has a whole can of starch sprayed on it.

Oh and let’s not forget those out there who spill a whole bottle of perfume on themselves before getting out of the car. I swear it not only causes me to go blind, I get a head rush just passing by one. Although fashion is fun and makes us feel great about ourselves, it would be a great way to express character and ourselves by creating our own trends, styles and uniqueness rather than “going with the flow”. Us Arabs do have talent when it comes to fashion, so let’s see more of that self-creativity out there.

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