Behind the Veil and in Front of the Camera

In our last issue, Design called for the brave and daring to defy Saudi Arabia’s taboo over photographs of oneself.

Khaled Gashgari one of Jeddah’s shinning photographers went down the streets of Jeddah and gave us a good statistic of 1000images of people of Saudis ,or non-Saudis living in Saudi, who don’t mind standing in front of the camera and having their picture taken.

Design magazine’s goal behind this initiation is to conduct a small-research for photographers of the validity of the common thoughtthat people in the streets of Saudi are still afraid of the camera. Khaled started in Jeddah, but we hope this will be a further incentive for people in other parts of Saudi to start this research in their part of town. Design would like to thank Jeddah Shooters and all of the people who showed off their pearly whites and submitted photos! This photography essay was a pioneering endeavorthat would not have been materialized without your efforts. Now, say cheese!!!!

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