The 5th Illustration Design Showcase B2

“Design generally has no rules. But in order to break them, you have to know them,” says AbuBakir Omar Balfaqih, author of The 5th Illustration Design Showcase B2. The lack of local books supporting local designs is what brought forth this collection which was a joint effort not only by professionals, but by students as well. The book is a collection of works prepared by some of the region’s most talented artists. B2 features works of graphic design, photography and illustration encouraging the reader to examine creativity from varied perspectives.

states the author. The concept of having students in each book collection stems from a desire to give them increased exposure. The author also wants to remind professionals, who have forgotten the reasons why they got into the business, of the freedom they use to take as students with exploration.

The 5th Illustration Design Showcase B2 could vey well be a designer’s haven, compiled and written by local and renowned Brand Consultant, AbuBakir Omar Balfaqih.

”We don’t lack good designers. We lack good discipline. The world is filled with ambitious designers – if you want to be someone, you have to build credibility,”

Look out for his latest book- GAT (Graphic Advertising Tips), available Fall 2008

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