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In the last few months two YouTube programs have been gaining some serious Saudi fan following. Young Saudi comedians who were famous for their stand-up comedy shows are the people behind those programs. 3al6ayer and Layekthar are the two Arabic programs that speak about social issues in a comic view. Both programs have succeeded in attracting many subscribers and over 300,000 viewers, and we look forward to them paving the way for other creative efforts that utilize social media in a beneficial and comical way.


Omar Hussien is the star of 3al6ayer, which is a show that mocks Saudi major and minor social issues. What made his show special is that people can relate to it because of the smart and satiric way he tackles the aforementioned issues in his 10 minutes clips. One of the issues Hussein talked about is Jeddah’s flood, which is the best clip he published according to many Jeddawis.

“La yekthar “

La Yekthar Show is a creative effort by a group of aspiring young Saudis starring Fahad Albutairi. With three clips posted so far, Albutairi has had the chance to win over many fans.

Both programs have succeeded with attracting many subscribers and over 300,00 viewers, of course all of them are Arabic speakers.

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