video games

Still thinking:

Something peaceful, relaxing and a place where you can only runaway from everything.

Flower (the makers of flow) are slowly changing the way we look at video games, a more ‘getaway’ place to go. A place to re-event the word ‘imagination.

There are no life bars, there are no enemies nor are there guns or swords. So what is the point of this game? A place where a getaway is possible through just TV and a Playstation.

You are guided by a simple pedal through out the game, yes, you guide a simple pedal of a flower. You in a way play the wind, so you lift up different colored pedals along the way going thru different worlds and different environments starting a different.

It puts Saudi Arabians in a position to witness something completely new; it reminds us all how beautiful this thing we call ‘Earth’ is. This game reminds Saudi Arabia.

That there is a world besides ‘the world’ in Saudi Arabia thru a simple disk,Sometimes Saudi Arabians forget that there is a world besides Saudi Arabia, this game is a reminder to just what is out there .

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