Design Magazine presents experimental artist Moona Al-Qahtani. Inspired by Egon Schiele, Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, and influenced through a combination of Bedouin roots and modern, industrial city life. With years of experience experimenting with different mediums, and techniques, her style has evolved into an interesting mixture of contemporary, traditional and, most recently, digital art. Moona believes art should be an adventure „I‘m inspired by my dreams, music and other creative arts like photography, fashion and literature. Beauty is a great inspiration and lives in everything around me.“ Unafraid, she employs mixes of bright psychedelic colours.

Currently Moona is obsessed with digital fashion illustration and Oriental art emanating from the Middle East. Unafraid to employ bright psychedelic colors, her detailed work captivates and inspires viewers. Moona has an uncanny ability to embrace the essence of the personalities of her subjects as perfectly demonstrated in ‚True Blue True Iconic,‘ a Madonna/Monroe rendition. ‚Haute Muse‘, another beautiful illustration, showcases her aptitude for fine details and has already received positive remarks. Moona hopes to explore the field of designing furniture in the future as depicted in ‚Avoire un Siege,‘ which delicately portrays salon pieces.

Eastern life scenarios magically enchant color bursts of lollipop neon, symbology, and humor in Moona‘s work. The cheeky smiles of the camels in ‚Aib – Shame on You‘ from the album ‚ Bedouins the Trend Setters,‘ will tickle your funny bone and keep you viewing back for more.

„Some of my works are based on real photos, some are imagined and others start from an original photo, which I manipulate using my imagination,“ shares Moona. Also from this album, ‚AuRevoir‘ – contrasts the Eiffel tower amidst undulating dunes, while rainbow brushstroke splashes enhance clothing and accessories adorned by three figures en route to Paris.

After achieving a B.A in Early Childhood Education, Moona worked on several projects involving children and the arts. Her wish for the future is to set up an organization encouraging children to experiment with art. Moona encourages aspiring artists to believe in themselves and to „Be original. Never be afraid of trying new things, because it opens a lot of closed gates and you never know where you may reach.“

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