Salt of This Sea

Provocative and powerful this is not just another film about Palestine. Salt of this Sea follows the journey of a Palestinian-American woman, Soraya, from Brooklyn, New York to Palestine upon discovering her grandfather’s savings were frozen in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Layers revolving around issues of identity, heritage, love and human rights unravel as Soraya “returns” to Palestine only to discover the sad reality around her.

The main protagonist is played by Suheir Hammad whose own life journey mirrors that of Soraya. This film will make you weep, feel enraged, and complete elation as the characters embark on what appears to be a futile mission for justice.

The first feature film shot, written and directed by a Palestinian woman director, Annemarie Jacir, Salt of This Sea was Palestine’s submission to the 81st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. This film almost never existed. Almost, is the operative word, whereby Annemarie Jacir persevered despite Israeli authorities repeatedly denying the cast and crewmembers access to various site located throughout Palestine and the Occupied Territories.

Vivid accounts take the viewer into the daily lives and struggles of Palestinians through this deeply layered story.Real acting by real people relay the hardships, loss, and determination encountered by the occupied.

Palestine has one of the most captivating coastlines, which Palestinians themselves seldom enjoy; hence, the name Salt of This Sea, which celebrates the Mediterranean Sea that borders Palestine.

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