Hamra private high school students have unleashed their creative and artistic side with the ‘100 Day Project.’ This project is annually celebrated to mark the passing of 100 days.

“With this project we are celebrating the passing of a hundred days of school by getting creative with the number,” said Sondous Attar. “It’s a day to explore ways and methods by creating products using 100 items,” she added.

This unique project taught students the meaning behind the number 100 and directed their imagination and creativity towards running wild, it also taught them that nothing is impossible once they set their mind to it. “We also learned that creativity is limitless, and we can make the best out of anything,” said Jawaher Walid

he project included the entire American Diploma section, grades from kindergarten to final year 12. Everyone participated in games and getting dressed creatively.

The students had two weeks to get ready for the big day, which gave them plenty of time to get busy and get creative. “The school expressed its full support, it gave us extra credit for community service, and deducted 5 minutes from regular school hours to make this day happen. It also celebrated the day with gifts and awards by giving recognition to those who put effort into the day,” said Attar.

Walid wanted to create something unique and exceptional so she thought of playing cards. “All I needed was 100 playing cards, some strings, a ribbon, a puncher, and a stapler,” she said. “In the beginning, I wasn‘t sure how it would turn out, since I had a limited number of cards. I began by laying the cards on the floor by numerical and color sequence. After punching the four corners of each card, joined them by strings for flexibility. To secure the cards, I stapled them together. Then I tried to fit on my body to find out what it could be. Thankfully, it only took me a couple of hours to finish it,” she added.

“The vest is more of a form of art expression. Playing cards cannot be pinned on a t-shirt but it can be pinned on a shirt. So, when it comes to wearing art, why not? You‘ll guarantee that you‘re the only one wearing it. These special dresses can be worn for special occasions such as masquerades and costume parties,” said Walid.

This project was developed to teach primary students to be familiar with the number 100. “I took this idea and I developed it.

Last year it was exclusive with T-shirts adding mathematical activities and games to make this learning process fun and joyful,” said Mrs. Taghareed Al-Housieny, Head Math teacher grades 1 to 12. “I believe that the work of the students was amazing and creative, students used items related to math and equations in a fashionable and artistic was,” she added. The school wanted to encourage students’ creative side by giving them a certificate for the competition where the students were the judges. “We wanted to connect the whole school together. About 200 students were involved in this project, all using the one hundred method,” said the teacher.

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